Pool Opening & Closing

For owners of a swimming pool, summer opening is the most exciting time of the year, but can also become a major headache.

Before anyone can jump in, it is important that the pool is properly prepared for swimmers. This means more than removing the cover once the sun comes out!

There are several key steps to making sure your pool is swim-ready. Not only do you need to remove your cover, but it should be properly cleaned and stored to prevent any damage. You will also want to check your pool equipment to make sure it is functioning properly.

The fact that your swimming pool will not be used through winter, does not mean that the pool does not need maintenance. Algae and bacteria build up must be prevented, water chemistry should be rebalanced and winterisation of plumbing and pool equipment should take place. This work is vital to protect your swimming pool and enable it to open smoothly the following year.

Opening Service

South Wales Pool and Spa is your go-to resource to get your pool up and running at the beginning of the season. Leave the heavy lifting and the dirty work to our technicians, they’ll get your pool in tip-top shape so your swimming pool is ready when you are!

South Wales Pool and Spa Opening Service visit includes:

  • Remove and fold cover
  • Remove winter and freeze plugs
  • Re-installing drain plugs on pool equipment
  • Re-installing handrails and ladders
  • 30 minutes of skimming surface, scrubbing walls and vacuuming
  • Blow off pool deck and equipment pad
  • Lubricate multiport valve and pump lid O-ring
  • Prime and start pump
  • Test and balance alkalinity and pH – Does not include Chemicals
  • Shock and sanitize


Closing Service

From the first swim to the final lap, South Wales Pool and Spa is here to guide you and your pool through the seasons. As winter approaches, our closing service readies your pool for the off-season. Closing a pool can be overwhelming, but South Wales Pool and Spa is here to help!

The way that you close your pool will have a large impact on how much effort you will need to put into opening your pool in the spring. This year, leave it to the professionals. Our technicians will make sure your pool is balanced correctly and your equipment is protected from freezing.

Our winterising service includes:

  • Remove all leaves and debris from the pool
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Backwash the filter system
  • Lower water to the appropriate level
  • Test water and add wintering chemicals as needed
  • Drain pump and heater
  • Plug returns and skimmers
  • Remove and store deck equipment (ladders, handrails, etc…)
  • Inspect and Install the winter cover
  • Blow off pool deck area and equipment pad

When should you close your pool?

We recommend closing your pool when the water is consistently below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, If you live in an area with several trees, leaves can quickly become your swimming pool’s number one enemy. When this is the case, we recommend going ahead and closing your pool before the leaves take it over and clog the filtration system! Closing your swimming pool at this time will also help minimize and prevent algae and bacteria growth during the colder months. The last thing any pool owner wants is to open their swimming pool in the spring and find a green pond. If you’re unsure if you should close your pool or not, call South Wales Pool and Spa at 029 2071 2444 We are available for consultation and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Great service from this local company. Nothing is too much trouble and they are so helpful with advice over the phone to even popping around! So pleased to have bought our tub from them

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Excellent service. When I rang them to explain my hot tub needed a good clean they not only told me they had a deal on they also had someone round to my house the very next morning.

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Excellent service, very helpful consultation and delivery and installation went without a hitch (unusual for us, there’s normally issues with anything we do!). Had it a few days and so far so good, love the experience.

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