Hot tub cleaning and repair

Hot Tub Maintenance

At South Wales Pool and Spa, we believe that regular servicing and maintenance of your Hot Tub is vital to prolong its life and ensure it remains safe to use. Modern hot tubs are complex mechanical and electrical systems and need to function in a range of environments.Routine maintenance allows early detection of problems, such as small leaks, that could potentially evolve over time to cause serious damage and potentially high repair costs.

Ideally, you should begin to have your Hot Tub serviced once it is two years old. After this time, an annual maintenance and cleaning will help to avoid any issues. Professional cleaning of your hot tub can prevent biofilm build up in pipework which can become harmful, we will also clean your filters and covers then also top up your chemicals.

Hot tubs are now widely used all year round, but South Wales Pool & Spa do offer an opening and closing service for those who don’t want to brave the colder parts of the year or who travel away from home for long periods of time.

Hot Tub Repairs

Our skilled engineers are able to repair many different brands and models of hot tubs. From leaks, electrics tripping, low flow errors, heater overheat errors to sensor errors, we will evaluate and resolve the vast majority of issues in one visit.

If we do need to make a second visit with the required parts we aim to do so in the shortest time possible.

hot tub cleaning and repair

hot tub cleaning and repair