Whether your swimming pool or hot tub is brand new or ten years old, regular professional servicing provides a wide range of benefits, extending its lifespan and keeping the water in perfect condition.

At South Wales Pool and Spa we offer a selection of hot tub, spa and swimming pool maintenance and service plans.

Please contact us for details of our range of domestic hot tub and swimming pool servicing schemes.


Pool cleaning & repair

South Wales Pool & Spa can offer a full maintenance service for domestic swimming pools in Cardiff and the South Wales area. This can range from a one-off visit to a tailor made service plan.


Pool opening & closing

For owners of a swimming pool, summer opening is the most exciting time of the year, but can also become a major headache. Before anyone can jump in, it is important that the pool is properly prepared for swimmers. This means more than removing the cover once the sun comes out!


Hot tub cleaning and repair

At South Wales Pool and Spa, we believe that regular servicing and maintenance of your Hot Tub is vital to prolong its life and ensure it remains safe to use. Our skilled engineers are able to repair many different brands and models of hot tubs.