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Liner Pools

With the recent advances in plastic technology, liner pools are renown for being more highly efficient and economical, than their concrete pool counter-parts.

A typical liner pool is built by excavating a hole, fitting a frame or shell and then finishing off with a high quality flexible PVC liner. The liner gives the pool it’s water retaining properties whilst the shell provides the structure to which it is fitted.

The shell can be made from; concrete block, steel, aluminium, fibreglass or plastic. Liners can be produced in a variety of different colours and patterns and can often resemble a tiled pool. A liner pool on average should take approximately 4 weeks to install (with the adequate skills and experience), has a lifespan of approximately 10 years and is very easy to maintain.

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are the easiest to install and the cheapest construction option. Most are made from a prefabricated kit.

An Installer will level off the ground, then a perimeter track is assembled (which supports the outer wall, which will be made from; metal, plastic or wood). The floor finish can be made from sand, sand/cement screed or a floor insulation.

Finally, the PVC liner is attached over the pool walls, the pool is filled with water and the liner is fixed into place.

Once the pump and filtering system is set up, the pool is ready to use. This type of pool is also very easy to reassemble into a new location.

One Piece

A fibreglass one piece pool comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Due to it being in ‘one-piece’, delivery and installation is extremely fast and easy. Due to their compact nature they are also very affordable and can incorporate entrance steps, bench areas, overflow pool systems, automatic pit covers, swim jets and more as standard.

DIY Kits

A South Wales Pool & Spa Block and Liner Pool Kit can be built as a DIY project or we can provide installation. Our basic DIY kit includes the primary equipment needed for a swimming pool, which includes:

  • Installation guide with a DVD
  • Plumbing/fittings kit
  • 30 thou patterned liner with fixings
  • Filtration equipment
  • Pool maintenance kit with guide
  • Chemical starter kit
  • Stainless steel 3 tread ladder

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete is the traditional material used for pool construction;

Sprayed Concrete – Wet concrete is sprayed onto a pre-formed cage of steel reinforcement, which results in a structure which offers maximum strength for the minimum amount of concrete and is ideal for complex shape ‘free form’ pools.

Shuttered Concrete – This method of construction is based on a poured concrete slab or floor with the pool walls poured between retaining panels – the shuttering. Temporary shuttering of timber or steel is removed once the poured concrete has set, leaving the concrete wall free standing. This method is particularly suitable for larger commercial projects. Either procedure may be appropriate depending on site conditions, cost and the life expectancy of the finished product.

Concrete shells – Sprayed or shuttered concrete pool shells are usually rendered internally to provide a smooth and uniform waterproof lining, which is then ready to receive a decorative finish, such as tiles.

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