Heatform Exercise Pools

HeatForm Exercise Pools

HeatForm Exercise Pools are manufactured in Devon, in the south-west of the United Kingdom. They are made using PET plastic, all of which has been recycled from plastic bottles.

The pools can be fitted with a variety of counter currents, all of which are at the top end of the market and designed to optimise physical therapy and training intensities ranging from triathlon training to gentle exercise for rehabilitation. Your choice of counter-currents include:

  • Badu Jet
  • Endless Pools FastLane
  • Fluvo
  • HeatForm SwimJet
  • Hydrostar

HeatForm Exercise Pools are available with the following dimensions, both of which are suitable for both indoor, outdoor, above, and sub-surface use:

  • W 2.5m x L 5m x H 1.2
  • W 3m x L 6m x H 1.2

Installation kits include the following equipment:

  • 6kW electric heater.
  • Aquaflex bag liner (ready to fit).
  • High-quality filtration system (Zodiac).
  • Stainless steel, over-the-wall entry/exit ladder.
  • Under-water LED light

Every HeatForm pool comes fitted with a counter-current. It is discretely installed into the pool’s unique swim jet end panel, adapted to cater to most leading brands of swim jets. 

You can customise your HeatForm pool by using one of our eco-friendly external cladding kits. These kits are available as an optional extra, as are Rollo Solar slatted covers, which will help you keep your pool heating costs to a minimum.

*The HeatForm jet panel can be adapted to suit most other leading brands of swim jets.

HeatForm Exercise Pools – How They Work

HeatForm exercise pools come in two sizes; W 2.5m x L 5m x H 1.2m and 6m x 3m x 1.2m. You can also choose from various options for heating and filtration to suit your location and budget. 

The pools can be installed indoors, outdoors, above ground, or subsurface. Heat is retained inside the pools using eco-friendly insulation panels. These panels reduce the amount of energy needed to keep your pool warm. They also provide additional strength to the pool’s walls as the adjustable steel support system permits the panels to be attached to a concrete base. This system not only provides a self-supporting installation for above ground pools, but it also gives the pool a high-quality finish.

All HeatForm exercise pools come with a pre-installed counter-current, which fits into a bespoke swim jet panel. These panels are finished in stainless steel, giving them a sleek look. Their custom construction means that you will have a top-level of performance without compromising on looks or space.

Your HeatForm exercise pool is filtered using a Zodiac high-quality filtration system. This system cleans and circulates the water efficiently using a FloPro filtration pump and CS cartridge filter. 

HeatForm exercise pools are fitted with an Aquaflex bag pool liner suitable for use up to 32 degrees Centigrade. A 6kW Redline electric heater ensures that you can keep your pool at the optimum temperature to suit your exercise or hydrotherapy. If you need any more information regarding temperature settings for your pool, please get in contact with one of our experts today. 

Choosing the option of an RGBW (Red Green Blue White) LED light can transform the mood of your exercise sessions. Changing the look of the exterior of your Heatform Exercise Pools, too, can be achieved with an eco-friendly, hard-wearing, stylishly-designed cladding. This calling is available in a range of four colours – Anthracite Cotswold cream, Cotswold green, and Silver. You can finish off your pool with an elegant, stainless steel, over-the-wall entry/exit ladder.

Why Choose HeatForm Exercise Pools?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a HeatForm exercise pool. Here are just a few:

  • Variety of integrated counter currents.
  • Speedy assembly in only five days.
  • Options of a variety of cladding colours.
  • Suitable for a wide range of environments.
  • Discreet pre-positioned swim jets in bespoke panels.
  • Panels are Part-L building regulations compatible with regards to U-Values.
  • Locally produced – in Devon.

More Of Our Energy-Saving Products

We have other energy-saving products to enhance your exercise and swimming experience, such as the MagnaPool. This product is a magnesium-based aquatic treatment system designed to reduce aches and pains, ease muscular discomfort, and provide hair and skin care. 

Another product that will enhance your pool experience is the RolloTM Solar. This pool cover provides a solar gain, allowing you to increase your pool’s temperature by up to 3°C. You can operate this device by merely clicking a button, combining simplicity with security and elegance – a perfect combination for any Heatform Exercise Pools

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