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Why choose Rexener handmade hot tubs?

Handmade in Finland, the hot tub takes significantly less time to heat than when opting for the use of wood thanks to the Rexener PR200 water heater. You can ensure the water remains clean for long periods of time courtesy of a built-in filter and the use of pool chemicals. A jet system adds a lovely touch of extravagance to the whole experience. The Rexener Polar hot tub is available in Artic White and Gabro Black. These colours take their inspiration from the building materials of the Northern landscape – black granite stone and white snow – while the Northern wild spruce is treated with wood oil known to reduce cracking and protect against grime and moisture.

Rexener Premium Quality

Rexener fibreglass hot tubs are top of line quality and handmade in Finland. Their workmanship exudes the utmost quality and unrivalled comfort. Getting there all started with one man’s dream and with it a lot of planning, thinking and trial and error. In the garage of a home located by the forest, the first hot tub was made with Finnish raw materials at Sarininkulma in Rekijoki.

Putting quality first, the handmade, premium fibreglass hot tub carved its spot in a market flooded with mass-produced options. It’s this high level of finish and quality in every got tub that caught the eye of customers and as a result saw sale increase rapidly. 300 hot tubs in a single year unsurprisingly took its toll on a workshop operated by one man though, so changes needed to be made. Rex Nordic helped grow the one-man team to a group of over 20 people continuing to build the best hot tubs for generations to enjoy.

Square or round

The Rexener hot tubs come in both square and round shapes. The popular square hot tubs offer a wealth of flexibility. Not only are they easy to embed in a terrace but also feature favourable ergonomics making them highly comfortable to sit in and relax. In total you are able to accommodate eight people at the same time in a square pool making them great for hosting parties.

The Rexener Unnukka hot tub meanwhile is a more traditional barrel tub. While embedding this type of hot tub in a terrace is also an option, it may require some additional craftsmanship to do so. This barrel tub can fit up to six individuals at once.

Low operating costs

Whether you opt for a hot tub with a wood stove or go for one that uses the advanced Rexener PR200 heater, you can rest easy knowing that operating costs will remain relatively low. The economical pool has a water volume of only ca. 1,300-1,500 litres and if you wish to draw water from the sea or lake that’s also an option. 

Inspired by Northern nature

When it comes to style, Rexener hot tubs take their colour inspiration from the building materials of Northern landscapes. This includes black granite stone and powdery white snow. The hot tubs also sport an outer layer made of lichen grey Northern wild spruce.

Fewer parts to maintain

These hot tubs are built to last so the quantity of accessories and parts is kept a minimum. With fewer parts there is less to maintain. On the topic of maintenance, you can maintain your hot tub yourself or if you prefer opt for our maintenance service leaving you to do nothing but enjoy your hot tub.

Fast home delivery

Through important user feedback, we’ve determined our four popular models making sure they are always in stock and ready to be shipped out immediately. This means products are sent out promptly and delivered straight to your doorstep. We’ll even notify you to let you know when we’re coming. What this means is less waiting between you and your first relaxing dip in your new hot tub.

Hot Tub Features

For year-round use

The Rexener Silence hot tub is heat-insulated throughout, so you can use it all-year-round as long as the water does not freeze.


Enjoying the silence and atmospheric wood stove of the hot tub, bringing youcloser to nature

Atmospheric wood stove

The energy-efficient TK-35 wood stove heats the hot tub fast – at a rate of up to 15 °C per hour!

No electricity required

You don’t need electricity to heat the hot tub!

Gabro Black

The Rexener Silence pool colour reflect the building blocks of the dream-like winter landscape – the black granite stone of the north – Gabro.

The Rexener Aurora hot tub features an advanced heating system. It quickly and easily heats the water using the sophisticated PR200 water heater all through the simple press of a button. Within two hours the hot tub water will be heated and ready to use. The only thing you’ll need to maintain is the cleanliness of the water through pool chemicals. That means no need to chop wood for a wood stove. In fact, it takes substantially less time to heat than when using wood not to mention keeps water temperature consistent. Say goodbye to water that’s too hot or too cold.

The Rexener Aurora hot tub is made from a robust and durable fibreglass material making it ideal for locations prone to colder weather conditions. Not only that but it’s easy to clean meaning keeping your hot tub hygienic a piece of cake. Available in artic white, these fibreglass pools are made in Finland. These high-quality tubs come with a 10-year warranty while the hot tub kits come with a 3-year warranty.

Included within the package is:

  • Square arctic white fibreglass hot tub.
  • Wild spruce frame.
  • A Rexener PR200 water heater.
    • A chimney with barrel hat.
    • Fuel tank.
  • Mass filter kit (this includes a water circulation pump).
  • Polyurethane insulation.
  • LED lights.
  • Protective case for the mass filter kit and water heater.

The Rexener Aurora hot tub is perfectly suited for detached housing estates since its heater produces no smoke that might disrupt your neighbours. The Rexener PR200 water heater is also a rather efficient device with mostly carbon dioxide coming from the chimney and therefore reducing the quantity of harmful emissions produced. Compared with a wood-fuelled heater, the Rexener PR200 heats water quickly, the speed influenced by outside temperature as well as whether you have the pool covered. The heater can heat the pool of water from 7 degrees to 38 degrees in less than two hours costing as low as four Euros to do so. The fuel consumption is 2l an hour with a system in place that will trigger the heater should it fall by 2 to 4 degrees from the correct set temperature.

Rexener hot tubs take the idyllic and beautifully scenic views of the Northern landscape as inspiration for its colours that include black granite stone and white snow. The outer shell is made of lichen grey Northern wild spruce treated with a wood oil that helps protect against moisture and grime and reduces cracking.

The pool’s advanced design means every use will be highly comfortable with slanted backrests and a wealth of foot space in the centre. With a deeper midsection, the hot tub has a rather spacious feel to it. A safe entry and exit step also doubles as a children’s seat.

Rexener Aurora hot tubs can be used all year round, however it is important not to allow the water to freeze inside either the hot tub, circulation pump or heater. The Rexener PR200 water heater will make sure the water remains warm during the cold months. If you wish to drain the hot tub though, this can be done at the bottom of the pool without having to do so by hand. The fuel will also keep in its tank so you need not worry about draining this too even during freezing weather. Make sure to use winterised fuel during colder weather

Great service from this local company. Nothing is too much trouble and they are so helpful with advice over the phone to even popping around! So pleased to have bought our tub from them

Barbara T
Great local company!

Excellent service. When I rang them to explain my hot tub needed a good clean they not only told me they had a deal on they also had someone round to my house the very next morning.

John F
Excellent service

Excellent service, very helpful consultation and delivery and installation went without a hitch (unusual for us, there’s normally issues with anything we do!). Had it a few days and so far so good, love the experience.

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Very helpful consultation

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