Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Our quality hot tubs come complete with all of the latest designs and features, from large hot tubs to luxury hot tub. You will find a spa for every occasion and budget. Just imagine the possibilities; relaxing at home on your own or with the family, partying the night away with friends or a romantic evening in just for two.

Hot Tub Ranges

Featured hot tubs


The Uluru hot tub is a double lounger hot tub with LED hydrostream feature, LED lighting, 28 jets, bluetooth audio and available in 4 colour combinations.


The Erebus brings a truly versatile spa when space is of a premium.


The Mariana hot tub is a single lounger hot tub with LED hydrostream feature, LED lighting, 48 jets, Bluetooth audio and is available in 4 colour combinations.

Uluru 2

The Uluru II the perfect spa for those couples who lead an active lifestyle. Going to the gym, hiking, running, cycling, climbing;

Erebus 2

The Erebus II hot tub is a single lounger hot tub with LED hydrostream feature, LED lighting, 39 jets, bluetooth audio and available in 4 colour combinations.

Ha Long Bay

The Ha Long Bay hot tub is the flagship, double lounger hot tub with LED hydrostream feature, LED lighting, 65 jets, bluetooth audio and available in 4 colour combinations.

Hot tub benefits


When your body absorbs heat the blood flow is increased. Warming of your blood causes your blood vessels to dilate blood pressure is subsequently reduced often in as little as 20 minutes hot tub visit


When we are sitting in a hot tub, the natural buoyancy of the water supports approximately 90 per cent of our weight, this reduces the strain on our joints giving them a little relief from the daily grind.


Back pain studies have shown that spa usage has both short-term and long term positive effect on those who suffer from chronic back pain.


Soaking in a luxury hot tub water about 90 minutes before bedtime triggers your internal thermostat to lower your temperature thus inducing sleep to set in more easily

Heart health

According to a mayo clinic study the regular use of spa and hot tubs gives you some of the same health benefits of exercise but with less heart stress

Still Looking For Your Ideal Hot Tub?


South Wales Pool and Spa’s range of hot tubs include over 30 variations, so we can pretty much guarantee that you can find one that will suit you, your family, and your property. You can choose from different shaped tubs, a range of size options, and individual features such as plug-n-play, sound systems, or 13amp capabilities. You can browse our online brochure and see our full range of hot tubs.

Hot Tub Aftercare and Servicing near me

Looking after your South Wales Pool and Spa hot tub could not be more straightforward. Our award-winning customer service and post-sales upkeep will provide you with the ultimate peace-of-mind for your hot tub purchase. You can get an idea of exactly how easy maintenance is and the excellent support we provide by looking at our aftercare, support, and servicing guide

If you are buying a hot tub and installing it as part of a larger construction project, we can ensure the installation is seamless. South Wales Pool and Spa installation teams are used to working on integrated projects. We can even manage the whole project for you, so you only have a single point of contact for the entire project. When we take on a project, we have no template – every project has different challenges, and every client has different needs. We work with you to understand precisely what you want, and then we develop an individual plan to deliver your project. Regardless of the project, the centrepiece is bound to be your beautiful hot tub or swim spa! 

Hydropool Energy Efficiency

Our hot tubs are designed to incorporate Hydrowise thermal shielding technology. This innovation allows Hydropool to claim the accolade of providing the most energy-efficient hot tubs in the world. 

Hydropool Self-Cleaning Technology

A quicker filtration process means less time to filter the same amount of water. Less time, less power, less cost, and less wasted energy.

Hydrowise Heat Shield

An insulated, heavy-duty hardcover keeps the heat in and acts as a safety measure when your hot tub is unattended. 

Thermal Blanket

This NASA-inspired insulated blanket is a triple-layered shield that uses aluminium’s heat-reflective qualities to ensure that potential heat loss is minimised by redirecting heat back inside. Heat-absorbing black piping also adds to the thermal qualities of these hot tubs. 

Evergreen Pump

Our large hot tubs are fitted with a low amperage, energy-efficient pumps that provide a high water flow with low costs. These pumps are designed to incorporate Ecoheat Exchange’s fully adjustable thermal venting technology. Around 1.5kW of pump heat that would typically be lost is redirected into the tub. This result, coupled with the triple-layered shield blanket effects, means that energy efficiency is maximised on every use. 

Why buy a luxury hot tub?


After a tiring day how about grabbing a glass of something bubbly and luxuriating in the invigorating warmth of a hot tub? You can either relax in your own company ruminating over your day or enjoy the company of friends and family!

Sounds too expensive to be true? Perhaps you’ve only dreamt of it or it’s something you’ve briefly sampled when you’ve treated yourself and loved ones to a hotel break or health farm? Well, these days it has stepped up to become a regular, affordable, personal reality – and in your own home! With reasonable packages available from an international leader in hot tubs, Hydropool, you can have your own tub in your own home in no time at all.

Relaxing Times

After all, it’s not really such a novelty! When the Romans came to these shores they brought their civilising luxuries with them and one of them was hot baths and spas. Of course, they didn’t call them hot tubs, but the benefits were the same, a warm, relaxing, cleansing soak after or during the rigours of the day. They didn’t see them as a luxury, just a necessary, cleansing part of their daily life. Once you get used to it, it’s likely to become one of your necessities too.

Reclining in a hot tub can help to relieve those over-stretched muscles and little jabs and pains during the day. Step out and emerge feeling more flexible, both mentally and physically. Or, you can also start the day with a dip to calm your mind and think over your priorities in a relaxing environment. At the end of the day, you’re likely to sleep better too. Lying in a few inches of tepid, cooling bathwater, or a few minutes standing in a shower each day is no substitute- once you own a home hot tub.

Large hot tubs to share with friends and family!

It can also be communal. Friends and family can join you to chill out, relax and share the experience. Throughout the day, the thought of another leisurely, calming soak and natter with friends and family when you get home can keep you going.

Perhaps you think there’s no room for such a social luxury inside your own home. But of course, it can be outside. Even in winter, you can step out in your bathing robe in your garden, backyard or onto your decking.  Or perhaps you have a conservatory or even a solarium – perfect for a corner hot tub.

Even the coolest weather is no obstacle once you’re soaking in the warm, invigorating bubbles of a hot tub. You can look around and admire the view of whatever the weather with a smile on your face. How about sitting back in your hot tub outside while it’s snowing all around you? How cool is that? It may sound crazy but it’s an ultimate winter experience. After all, our Scandinavian friends have been taking saunas interspaced with rolling in the snow for ages with some amazing health benefits!

Hydropool – a leading global choice

Buying a hot tub may be something you’ve never considered before. These are some key points why you should consider Hydropool, an international market leader:

Hydropool hot tubs are ergonomically designed and adjustable to fit body contours in the most comfortable, relaxing positions,  ensuring a full body massage. Deep footwells ensure everybody can stretch out and enjoy their own space.

Hydropool’s Versa massage jets can be adjusted so that you can start with a gentle stream, and if required, move on to a rigorous pulsing jet to invigorate your circulation.

Energy efficiency is a top priority with a double thermal shield system meeting the stringent standards of the California Energy Commission. These days it’s important to ensure that we’re maximising the use of energy in all we do, including relaxing.

One size does not fit all. You choose the size and shape of your tub, ranging from smaller options for up to four people to larger ones for five to ten people.

Or if you’re into more rigorous physical exercise, we offer large swim spas for more expansive training and exercises.

International repute and service

Hydropool enjoys an international reputation for its hot tubs because of a commitment to continued innovation and creativity. We achieve this by not only employing and rewarding the best design people but by listening to your feedback, balancing your needs with the latest technological advances.

When you consider buying a hot tub you’ll need the best one-to-one advice. Our dealer network (we have 250 worldwide) are specially trained to avoid any salesperson-like pressure, to listen to your precise requirements and take on board your pocket budget. You can also browse our brochures and watch a DVD at your leisure to help make an informed choice, whether you looking for a large hot tub, such as a 6 seater hot tub or a luxury hot tub. 

And it’s not all as high maintenance as you might imagine, the Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub does as the name suggests. It cleans all the water in the tub every 15 minutes itself. So it’s always ready for your next use – which we’re sure will be soon.

Come visit our Cardiff showroom, where we’ve packed it with brand leaders in the world of hot tubs, swim spas, Jacuzzis and swimming pools. If you’re looking to treat yourself South Wales Pools and Spa is the perfect place to check out.

Hot tubs are continuing to grow in popularity with UK residences, and making the right choice to suit the needs of your home and family is key. South Wales Pools and Spa are there to offer all the advice you’ll need when it comes to purchasing your new hot tub, pool or spa. Our supplier, Hydropool are the world’s leading supplier of hot tubs so you can rest assured knowing you’ll be buying a quality bit of kit.

Of course, a hot tub requires taking care of and that in itself can be an intimidating prospect especially if you’re a first-time buyer. South Wales Pools and Spa offer free, continuous advice and support for every customer including how to look after your hot tub. While we supply all the hot tub chemicals you might need at our Cardiff showroom, you can also order online for next working day delivery too. Either way, our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff are always there to help whether in person or over the phone.

So, what sets South Wales Pools and Spa apart? For starters, we take good care of our customers through every step of the hot tub process. That includes helping choose the right hot tub through to installation and of course how to take care of the device after that. South Wales Pools and Spa is a family run business with years of experience so you can guarantee any question you might have; we’ll have the answer. You’ll also never need to worry about feeling pressured into making a decision on a hot tub since we recommend on an individual’s customer’s needs rather than simply hitting sales targets. Furthermore, our tubs are built for longevity, not to price so you can expect years of problem-free use from your hot tub.

South Wales Pools and Spa offer more than just hot tubs. We are also specialist suppliers of DIY in-ground swimming pool kits and again have years of experience in this area. So, any advice you may need, we can offer it. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about a concrete inground pool, a fibreglass inground pool or an above-ground swimming pool, our staff are there to offer any help you may need again from the start of the process to the moment you’re diving in.

If a swimming pool sounds lovely but you just don’t have space, then why not consider taking a look at our amazing range of Endless Pools Swim Spas? Not only are you able to set your own pace with top-of-the-line aquatic fitness systems, but it’s perfect if you’re limited on space.

Reaching our Cardiff-based showroom is simple since we’re not far from the likes of Cwmbran, Cowbridge, Swansea, Bridgend, Llanelli, Barry, Newport, and even Bristol. Better still, we deliver throughout South Wales.

If you’re interested on hearing more about any of our products simply drop us a line on 02920 712444 or use our contact us section.

Helpful Hot Tub Info

Hot tub popularity has risen as more and more people become aware of the proven health and lifestyle benefits of a combination of exercise and hydrotherapy. South Wales Pools and Spa have an exciting and high-quality range of hot tubs for sale that come in variety of colours, models and specifications and we’re confident you’ll find a hot tub to suit your budget, needs and home.

Whatever your knowledge of hot tubs, we are happy to offer professional advice through every step of the process – from discussing what hot tub is best suited for you and your family to after sales service. If you’re considering becoming the owner of a luxurious new hot tub, our knowledgeable and approachable staff will be able to offer all the information you’d ever need each member having a sound understanding of hot tubs and extras like chemicals. We even have a try before you buy service, just another way to guarantee 100% satisfaction when it comes to your purchase. Every hot tub we sell is hand crafted using the finest materials and to the highest standards so take that first step and request one of our brochures to browse our complete range of hot tubs.

A Healthy Choice

It’s not just relaxation that you’ll benefit from when purchasing a hot tub, swim spa or endless pool. The natural buoyancy of the water is proven to massively reduce stress on muscles and joints and generally pressure on all parts of the body. So rather than searching for relief elsewhere, why not receive the sooth and effective physical therapy from the comfort of your own home? Those in pain will find hydrotherapy to be an effective means of helping with that pain whilst promoting healing.

When it comes to fitness it’s no secret that swimming is a very highly effective form of exercise and thanks to the progressive advancement and design of our selection of endless pools and swim spas not only is swimming at home practical but affordable too. Not only great for cardio or physical therapy, most of our products also act as a luxurious spa-like experience.

Hot Tubs

Whether you’re after a hot tub that includes all the bells and whistles imaginable, or you have unique features in mind, you can guarantee South Wales Hot Pools and Spa will deliver hot tubs to suit any requests. Of course, all this comes wrapped in a luxurious spa experience. Aside from looking aesthetically pleasing each hot tub features advanced hydrotherapy and strong performance. So whichever hot tub you choose you can be sure for top quality and a wealth of options.

A hot tub isn’t a mere purchase but a long term investment toward your health and wellbeing. So why not treat yourself to the best hot tub out there? Not just a flashy compliment in home comforts, but a way to restore your mind and body in mere minutes, slipping into your Self-Cleaning hot tub offers the perfect combination of relaxing warm water, pulsating jets and comfortable seating. You won’t be crossing your fingers for sunny weather neither, the strong design of Hydropool hot tubs ensuring they work perfectly all year round whether it’s during heavy rain or even when there’s a foot of snow resting on the garden floor. Furthermore, those that suffer from sore joints will find the warm water an effective way at relaxing muscles and joint tension. Not only that but it can also improve both blood circulation and a night’s sleep. All it takes is a few soaks each day and you’ll see the positive affects.

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